Moving places!


I have been fortunate(or maybe unfortunate) to have a mobile life till now. I changed 9 schools to clear 12 grades and have lived at more than 10 places (only places with a minimum stay of a month considered). Obviously, this means, I  meet a lot of new people and considering that I am a chatterbox, I do make a lot of friends. This is precisely where I have slight issues. Moving to new places does means making new friends but it also means leaving the old ones, and not just friends, leaving a place uproots you from familiarity and throws you in an unknown territory. You struggle, searching for some similarity in the new place. Searching for your old friends in new people. And getting disappointed. But then life kicks in. Like beer, you develop a taste for your new surroundings, a liking for your new friends. Realising that each individual is different and all of them are equally awesome (yeah that annoying whining guy too) and equally horrible (yeah dear, that wonderful girl had her own issues, you will never know)
Each individual and each setting have a unique story to itself and as we gradually settle in, we too become a part of that story.
To summarise, I would quote the line my senior once said to me,

                                                 हर इंसान की एक़ कहानी होती है, बस पढ़ना आना चाहिए |

Cheers to the ever-changing life!