Because Drems are weird


Dreams. Dreams are weird. Some suggest that we should watch dreams with open eyes; I don’t think that’s a good idea. It leads to road accidents and breakups. Neither of which is a good thing. One breaks the body, the other breaks the heart. I prefer having dreams with close eyes. They are the challenging ones; at times they may give you that sensational pleasure that you were longing for (don’t use your brain too much please!) and at times they may make you sweat like anything on a chilling night. I even believe that before we invented flying vehicles, man must have got the idea of flying in a dream.

Because dreams are weird. You may clean bowled Sachin in a dream and have Angelina Jolie pleading you to go on a date with her. You might as well get stabbed and run over by a huge truck or eaten by a giant dog. But these are the easier ones, these you can outrightly reject as fantasy (Jolie) or Fear (Dogs).

What makes a dream challenging is its capability to interfere with your real world (though distinguishing what is real and what is pretentious can itself be a daunting task).That’s when it gets tricky. Your dream may just throw in your face that hidden desire you have been hiding for so long! You might show a middle finger to your annoying boss! May propose that girl in your office and most fearful is the one where you end up doing what you actually want to do (even worse is confessing to self that you have no idea what you want in life and this whole talk of living your passion makes no sense to you!). Then dreams become temptations, they make life more difficult. Then dreams become hell because they make you live your fears. Then dreams become depressing because truth apart from being bitter is also depressing at times.

I still love dreams. Because dreams are weird. They may make life difficult, but they are what make life, life. For what’s life without an aspiring heart?


You can kill your desires in daylight

But they will bleed at night.


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