Neta ji!!




Scene: A busy road somewhere in India!!

Guy 1 (to a random guy2) : Abe B@#@#@#,C#@#@ hai kya!!

Guy 2: …….

Another random guy 3(suddenly starts shouting) : are dekhiye dekhiye, ye kya ho gaya!!! Ramesh ne kaha Suresh ko @#!@!! Dharti pe chaya sankat!!!

People start gathering to to see what’s the matter!! Once there are enough people!

Guy 3:

  • Jab tak aap dekh rahe ye takrar,khaye shilajit capsule aur laaye jeevan me pyaar!!
  • Jindagi me jab bhi ho bore,Dil maange more- Buy cold drink get pop corn free
  • blah blah blah blah ……….

People have actually bought all those stuff and are now eagerly waiting to see how the fight proceeds, Guy 1 sees the pressure is mounting on him and public is going against him!!

Guy 1: I doesn’t meant this,my speech was blown out of proportion, I was actually trying to give respect to Guy 1 by saying Einstein’s thermodynamics was like the frozen liquidity in today’s African colleges and I am so cool and this statement makes total sense to me.

people are happy that they got some discount on cold drinks,sarees,and motor cycle

guy 3 is happy that he managed to make so much profit by selling all the random things to people

guy 2 is happy that people have forgot what he has actually said initially!!

guy 1 is being abused by some nephew of guy 2 – B#!@## tu jaanta nahi mera chacha kaun hai!! saale #@##!#!!

P.S – In case you were not able to figure out who was who here are the credits!!

guy 1: neta ji

guy 2: some random individual dumb enough to do his work correctly

guy 3: media

image courtesy:



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