PM is deeply disturbed!! So am I but he needs to do more than that!!

                                                                   Child-Abuse-1-500                                                                                                                     A five-year-old girl, who was raped allegedly by a neighbour after holding her captive for four days, is battling for life due to an infection contracted from foreign objects found inside her body, doctors said on Friday.

Prime Minister says – “He is disturbed by the rape of a 5-year-old girl”.

Well obviously he is ‘Disturbed’ but I would like to ask him, disturbed amidst what his sleep? Clearly, he wasn’t doing something meaningful, for if he had taken some concrete actions, then a mass movement across a country would have been sufficient enough to prevent the repetition of such horrendous activity within a span of few months but Alas, Media had IPL to cover, people had better things to post about on FB, Twitter and soon to protest against Rape was too ‘mainstream’.

We at IIT had a play (sort of) which dealt with the emotions of people of Delhi post the Nirbhya incident and the critic who wrote the review for it said – “I believe the play deserved a better audience as the audience was insensitive towards the issue raised (this was in March’13)’

The so-called ‘intellectuals’ are insensitive, the decision-making politicians are ‘shocked’ and ‘disturbed’, the girls are afraid and the rapists-they are looking for a new potential target may be a month old child’!!!

I don’t know what is the solution of this problem But now we all know that the more ‘stricter’ Anti-rape law is not really working!! And we can’t afford to wait any longer to sacrifice more girls till we figure out a solution!!

The defence classes won’t work for 5-year-old children

Police patrolling can’t save girls from the neighbours in their buildings and articles and post like these are no good either (I am just writing it to vent out my anger and frustration).

I urge ALL (the policy makers, the suffering girls, the youth, the old, the middle class, the poor, the rich EVERYONE to find out a solution to this DISEASE and wipe it off our Earth.