Elections, Elections and Elections: Have we missed something??


Elections are undoubtedly the most ‘happening’ thing in the IIT Bombay campus right now. With just few days left, candidates are busy campaigning and their supporters are busy sharing appeals, video links and what not through social media.

Amidst this chaos, I am wondering that why do we really need elections.

I believe the elections are meant to serve two purposes:

1.)    To ensure adequate student representation in various institute bodies through best possible candidates

2.)    To teach us the importance of our vote in a democratic system, thereby making us more informed citizens of country (after all that’s what our schools and colleges are supposed to do – make us better and skilled citizens)

Now ask yourself, what are you focusing on in these elections? Are you actually concerned about choosing the best student representative for yourself? Have you read the manifestos of all candidates, without bias? Have you seen their debate videos? And if yes, on what basis are you going to cast your vote? Will it be the person with a better manifesto and better understanding of his/her role or will it be the person from your hostel/department/home-town/any random reason!

If you are going to choose the latter option, then I have a simple request for you –

Please never crib about the issues that you might face in the country/institute, because if we (the so called elite of the country) can’t learn to vote properly, we have no right to complaint when inept politicians win elections by instigating people to vote on the basis of their caste, region or religion.

Weather you accept it or not, in a democracy a society always gets what it deserves (not necessarily what it needs!!)

P.S. – Not voting is even worse; you are letting others decide who should be your representative

Image: http://www.rediff.com